My latest book, Conscious Living For Beginners, is available in E-Book format on Amazon.

You don’t need a Kindle to read it.  Once you download it from Amazon, you can read it on any device (laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc).

Conscious Living reads more like a series of short essays which tends to be my writing style.



Table Of Contents

Part One: Conscious Health

Chapter 1: Conscious Diet – Healthy Eating Made Simple   P. 12

Chapter 2: Self-Health Care – Staying Healthy In The Pharmaceutical Age   P. 18

Chapter 3: Natural Immunity – Mother Nature’s Flu Shot   P. 25

Chapter 4: Mineral Magic – The Key To Healing Chronic Ailments  P.  29

Chapter 5: Live Past 100 – The Secrets To Longevity  P.  34


Part 2: Conscious Lifestyle

Chapter 6: The Art Of Life Is In The Dose  P. 39

Chapter 7: Out of House, Out of Mind  P. 41

Chapter 8: It’s Not What You Do, It’s What You Don’t Do   P. 43

Chapter 9: Letting Go Of Attachments   P. 47

Chapter 10: Conscious Millionaire – How To Build And Enjoy Wealth   P. 52


Part Three: Conscious Awareness

Chapter 11: Life Purpose – How To Find Your Purpose Amid A World Of Distraction   P. 59

Chapter 12: Inspiration Without Effort – How To Open Your Flow Of Creativity  P. 66

Chapter 13: Intending Change – How To Let Spontaneity Be Your Guide   P. 70

Chapter 14: Discernment – Finding Clarity Amid The Confusion  P.  73

Chapter 15: Transcending Resistance – How To Convert Challenges Into Positive Transformation   P. 80


Part Four: Conscious Creation

Chapter 16: Waking UP – The 7 Stages Of Conscious Awakening   P. 83

Chapter 17: Super You – How To Channel Your Inner Superstar   P. 88

Chapter 18: Oneness, Revealed – The Moment I Discovered Unity Consciousness   P. 97

Chapter 19: The Director Of Your Life – How To Animate Your Reality   P. 103

Chapter 20: Change The World – Unleashing Your Inner Activist   P. 108

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